Community Safety Champions’ Circular Economy Entrepreneurship Programme to  ‘co-create re-imagined communities’    

Your CSI investment will enable early warning disaster risk management skills PLUS first-responder emergency medical lives-saving skills PLUS green-economy food sustainability skills.  All of which underpins and can be linked to over 25 income generating business models.  Why? Because these livelihood skills ensures just that – the saving of lives lost to disasters and the prevalence of fires aggravated by looming food scarcities that is already affecting vulnerable communities more. The target market learners* are equipped with skills to create sustainable entrepreneurs as well as to make career-seekers professionally more marketable to business owners based on having SETA aligned programmes and being work-culture-fit-ready as the Prorgamme outcomes also supports a Work Integrated Learning opportunity for prospective employees. (*refer to “target market)

‘co-create reliable, viable, sustainably self-sufficient communities

Every Good Act Counts

Donate train hundreds of community volunteer workers in emergency first-response & food-growing sustainability skills to counter food-scarcity realities. Donations will spark the hope that can fuel career-paths, save lives and create future change in communities.


CSC SKILLS: PILLAR 1Proactive Disaster Risk Management

CSC SKILLS: PILLAR 2Sustainable Living: Combating and Alleviating Food Scarcities

Consider donating towards this worthy cause.


Every R7500 Donated Covers One Learner For 7 Courses.

Companies also receive 4 free courses for their staff.

CSC SKILLS: PILLAR 3OHSA Emergency First-Responders On The Ground


Close to a hundred youth, unemployed persons and non-profit organisation representative volunteers from inter alia  Ikasi Soccer School For Girls, Khulisa Social Solutions, Centre of Excellence Bishop Lavis,  G-Citi (Elsies River, I-Can Centre Campus) have already been trained at no cost to their organisations, to gain basic first responder skills in fire-fighter / first-aider skills since February 2020 for the purposes stated. 

Real H&S Challenges In Our Communities

The prevalence of fires and medical emergencies create devastating aftermaths every year in the Western Cape.   Health and safety emergencies and natural disasters will always have long term negative effects on communities, companies and our economy.  Historically disadvantaged and poorer communities take longer to recover from disasters. 

The Learners – Target Market

Non-profit organisation’s with a focussed ‘drive’ that encourages youth to become volunteer members  to do good for their community and who can be motivated by possibilities of kickstarting a career-path in health & safety & security. 


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to apply for free* accredited, fire-fighter and first-aid training for your volunteer worker’ members.

The Long Term Solution

Increase the pool of  DEL and SETA trained, first on the scene responders by providing them with free, basic accredited fire-fighter and first-aid training

The Need

Socio-Economic Realities

Unemployment, gangsterism, under-resourced health facilities are but a few of the ‘bread and butter’ realities that significantly hamper poor communities from recovering faster from disasters.  Employers experience the ripple effects of  increased, costs of absence and spiralling replacement labour costs long after disaster had struck.

Aggravating Circumstances

State and private medical and disaster risk management teams often face signifiant challenges in accessing and reaching poorer, disadvantaged communities in times of disaster and medical emergencies in the Western Cape for reasons including eg bad and no road planning especially in informal settlements;  personal safety and security risks. 

Benefits Of Training

Lives can be saved when people in their own communities are trained to apply basic, accredited fire, health, safety and medical skills  as ‘first responders’ whilst waiting for state or private response teams to arrive. Skills gained will make learners’ more marketable as job-seekers and they can choose to pursue fire, medical or health and safety compliance careers as employees or as self-employed entrepreneurs.

COVID Training

Offered By Rhens Training Institute

Health & Safety Representative

Offered By Rhens Training Institute

Managing Personal Finance

Offered by Rhens Training Institute

Partipating PARTNERS receive special* access to free online training for staff

  • Thank you Corporate Social Responsibility (CSI) letters,
  • Brand and image recognitions on social media.
  • ‘By Association’ with endorsers, media personalities, influencers.
  • Supporting skills development, entrepreneurship, career-development for youth.
  • Supporting employee’s wellbeing as e their livelihoods are likelier to be more protected.
  • Improving your transformation and ROI metrics
    eg staff afflicted by disaster results in absence and replacement costs increase.
  • Access to free training programmes for all staff of sponsoring companies.
  • Potential to host a Learnerships with eg Skills refunds, BEE points benefits.
  • Increasing potential for entrepreneurship in a high rate of unemployment economy.


1. Covid-19 Training For Workplace & Employees As Directed (Shaiosh and World Health Organisation approved and aligned, online, self-paced, certificate of participation).

2. Covid-19 Compliance Officer (Shaiosh and World Health Organisation approved and aligned, online, self-paced, certificate of participation).

3. SHE Rep Course (US9964, non-credit bearing, certificate of online, self-paced, certificate of participation).

4. Managing Personal Finance (US243189, non-credit bearing, certificate of online, self-paced, certificate of participation).edited 11:33


Basket Of Training Funded By A Sponsored Donation @ R5000.00 Per Volunteer Worker

7 Skills Courses : 7 Certificates : 2 Tools To Support The Skills*

1. Basic first-aider response (US119567 accredited training*);
2. Basic fire-fighter Level 1 (DEL/US-252250 accredited training*);
3. Apply Health and Safety To A Work Area (U9964 accredited training*)
4. COVID-19 Work Readiness Compliance In The Workplace*
5. COVID-19 Compliance Officer In The Workplace*
6. Entrepreneurship / Tech Savvy / Work Readiness Skills Introduction Programme*
7. Managing Personal Finance (US243189 accredited training*


1. A fire-extinguisher with a refill*
2. A First-Aid Kit with one refill*

*T&C apply eg literacy levels is needed, eligibility for eg a fire extinguisher only after successful completion of both the first aid and the fire training; signed MOU’s with NGO / NPO to service communities in times of emergencies and disasters. (edited 07:27)

Purchase a Home Fire Safety Kit & R100 will go towards this campaign

There’s no such thing as being overly prepared for an emergency in your home! This Safety Kit includes a fire extinguisher, fire blanket, and smoke detector – all for just R675 (excl. delivery fee). We have partnered with Impact Health and Safety to try and raise some much needed funds. Please do support this campaign. 

fire extinguisher service Cape Town

The Community Safety Champions Entrepreneurship Skills Solution Programme addresses real life issues of health, safety, fires, crime, gangsterism, drugs, GBV, disenfranchised PWD, xenophobia, cultural diversity and more as identified by our advisory panel of community leaders. It is comprised of a 4-phased ‘cradle to grave’ skills solution using the medium of skills underpinned by a ‘psychological’ methodology to steer change, influence, create, transform and showcase ‘the new, do-good Community Safety Champion influencers on the block’ envisaged for all communities. The price that you pay for the stock you are purchasing is ess than the price you would pay at the big, national retailers, as calculated at the date of price comparisons. The profits from your purchases via our Community Safety Champion platforms are directly allocated to fund the operations for the Community Safety Champions Entrepreneurship Skills Solution Programme.


The first 10kms of delivery from our offices in Voortrekker road to your address destination is free as a thank you for choosing to purchase from us in order to benefit the vision of training Community Safety Champions across the Western Cape.


You are most welcome to gift us with a donation of any value that you can add on to your cart when making payment – all of which will also passed on as follows: – to contribute to project management operations; – to purchase data for usage during training so that learners can be online as needed during training – to be utlised for travel stipends as we very often fund learners to travel to training venues (‘Our target market learners are unemployed youth, women (who are often the victims of Gender Based Violence (GBV) and marginalised People With Disabilities (PWD) members of actively operating non-profit organisations supporting communities).

Your donation contributes to the training for Community Safety Champions learners to be upskilled as first-responders in basic health and safety skills (first-aid and fire-fighting, etc) to support their communities in times of fires and emergency medical disasters whilst waiting for arrival of the state’s official medical teams to arrive on the scene of emergencies in communities.

Main PurposeOf The Crowdfunding Campaign

Fires break out regularly and frequently in disadvantaged communities for many reasons.  The ability to prevent, support or recover from natural disasters is slowed down significantly and often detrimentally in the long term due to adverse socio-economic challenges within communities.

A significantly larger pool of fire-fighters and first aiders at grassroots level can potentially save more lives and more homes in times of disaster.

Our campaign for medical, health and safety ‘first-responder’ training for *community volunteer workers is part of an integrated, holistic training and skills upliftment plan to complement the Western Cape government’s FIRE IS EVERYONES FIGHT campaign as an add-on, accompanying solution driven by and through the community for the community with benefits to the youth, the unemployed and a driver of entrepreneurship in a health and safety career space.


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Not for TomorrowBut for Today!

Corporates, individuals, members of the public are respectfully invited to donate funds to a Backabuddy campaign via this crowdfunding appeal, to cover the costs of training and basic equipment such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits.

Your donation could potentially save a life!

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